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August 23, 2021

FlexC® collet chuck

The modular FlexC® clamping system allows to use different clamping concepts combined with a minimal set-up effort. The change from internal to external clamping takes less than 1 minute. The compact design of the collet chucks reduces the interference contours in the machine and leads to an increase in the working area.

The modular FlexC® concept enables the use of clamping heads, existing collets (type 5C / 16C) and mandrels for internal clamping. By using steped chucks, parts with large diameters can be machined.

Forkardt has invested in the latest vulcanizing machines from DESMA, a global leader in injection molding technology. The vulcanization process connects the collet segments into one unit. The vulcanized rubber keeps the elasticity for repeated opening and closing constant over the entire service life of the collet, this is ideal for a quick-change product. The materials used do not become brittle and are resistant to coolants. Penetration of chips into the clamping system is avoided. The clamping heads are installation-compatible with the common products available on the market.