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HBMS – Hard Top Jaws For Power Chucks metric serration (1,5×60°)


Forkardt hardened top clamping jaw for power chucks are universally applicable jaws that can be ground in the chuck when mounted. The diamond serration allows for a higher clamping force. The HB and HBT hardened top jaws are manufactured for the QLC and QLK power chucks, but are designed to the industry standard, making them suitable for any power chuck with matching dimensions. The jaws are readily ground when delivered with a Forkardt power chuck.
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Technical Data
Type/Size HB 67 28 36 MS12 HB 87 35 51 MS14 HB 101 40 54 MS16 HB 106 50 62 MS21
Step-Height [mm] 12 12 13 15
Width [mm] 31 35 40 50
Height [mm] 36 51 54 62
Jaw mounting MS12 MS14 MS16 MS21
Length [mm] 67 87 101 106
Weight [kg] 0,31 0,58 0,93 1,46
Part no. D16619000 D166191000 D166192000 D166193000
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