Buy a FlexC® Quick Change Collet Chuck and receive 3 collets, changing wrench, and machine link-up FREE!



Offer is available for Style A and Style DL chucks for FlexC 65, FlexC 80, and FlexC 100 sizes. Free collets will consist of Round/Smooth, Round/Serrated and emergency collets only. Pricing, specifications and special offer can change without notice.

New for 2022: FlexC® 100

Style A (Pull Back with Dead-Length Work Stop) and Style DL (Push to Close with Dead Length Workstop) variants, the newly added 100 mm size allows us to further serve our customers with an expanded FlexC portfolio that enables even greater manufacturing capacities, cost reduction, and efficiency. With industry-leading delivery times, rigorous quality control, and world-class customer service, FlexC will significantly increase your manufacturing output and yield incredible savings in no time.