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NSTK Jaw Holder System T-Sliding Block


The Forkardt NSTK-T-sliding block jaws allow for more rapid jaw shifting and changing. The Forkardt jaw holder system consists of the T-sliding block and soft jaws that are used in conjunction with clamping inserts. This jaw system is ideal for first operation machining or turning under pressure.

The soft top jaws are standardized and can be machined to fit your application. There are no jaw mounting bolt holes, so the top jaw can be positioned without restriction.

The NSTK T-Sliding block jaws are suitable for all Forkardt chucks with inch serrated jaws.

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Technical Data
Type/Size NSTK S11 NSTK S12 NSTK S23
Width [mm] 22.5 28.5 36
Height mm] 40.5 52 55
Length [mm] 53 80 90
Weight [kg] 0.28 0.68 1.01
Part No. D174540000 D174339000 174541000
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