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Tork-Lok I.D. Grip Collet System


Tork-Lok Collet Assembly


The Tork-Lok arbor design answers the need for a completely versatile workholding device. Precision ground flats on collets and arbors improve long-term accuracy and torque transmission. Standardization of components allows for interchangeability of various combination possibilities. The Tork-Lok arbor locates straight or tapered holes on true center.

Tork Lok Shadowed
Tork Lok no Collet

The Tork-Lok arbor is available in English or Metric design. The new metric design is an improved version of the older English model. The metric design was changed to a three hole pattern, giving more options for mounting. Tighter tolerances are held during manufacturing on size and parallelism to allow for direct locator mounting. Provisions have been added to the flange body for air sensing. Both designs accept the same collets.

The Tork-Lok arbor and collet systems can be ordered with optional manual or pneumatic fixtures. The manual fixture is a powerful locking mechanism that allows for lower initial cost layout and little maintenance for milling and drilling operations. The pneumatic cylinder option can be mounted flat and operated with an air valve.

Two series are available. A long series (shown on the left, below) and a short series (shown on the right, below).

Tork-Lok Collet Assemblies Long and Short Series

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