Your chuck is a precision component and an integral part of your machining operation. To keep it functioning at top performance and optimal capacity, regular maintenance is suggested. We listened to our customers and designed a program around their needs.

The Forkardt Chuck Support Program works for you, from start to finish:

  • With three levels of service packages, there is an option to fit your needs. From basic coverage to comprehensive overview, select the package that works for you.
  • À la carte offerings help to pinpoint your specific needs. These options include on-site balancing, additional training in maintenance and function, loaner chucks and more
  • Quick turnaround with additional coverage means you can count on minimal downtime with loaner chucks where applicable, or guaranteed repair/return services depending on the service package you choose
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are covered and can expect the best performance and longevity out of your investment with aproperly maintained and serviced product.

In addition to a multitude of competitive packages, we are pleased to offer the following services as required*:


  • Clamping force measurements
  • Loaner tools
  • Basic functional testing
  • Troubleshooting & analysis
  • On-spindle chuck balancing
  • Product training


1. Assessment & repair

(Rebuild with new/extended warranty
period on chucks & cylinders)

2. Full functional testing


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