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QLC-AG, 3-Jaw, Compensating, Wedge Style Power Chuck


The Forkardt QLC-AG power chuck is specially designed for machining of shafts. The QLC-AG power chuck compensates to clamp off-center parts with high precision at high clamping force. A pull back action provides for improved part location on the center, and the centers are easily interchangeable and finely adjustable. The QLC-AG has integrated axial stroke limitation to ensure that over stroke of the cylinder does not occur. This power chuck is also designed to provide simple change over self centering for general clamping work. The QLC-AG is available in sizes 200 mm (8“) to 400 mm (15“).

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Technical Data
Type/Size 3QLC-AG 200 Z6 S11 3QLC-AG 250 Z8 S12 3QLC-AG 315 Z8 S12
O.D. Diameter [mm] 210 257 315
Height [mm] 108 115 115
Jaw Stroke [mm] 5.3 5.3 5.3
Chuck Mounting [mm] Z6/133.4 Z8/171.4 Z8/171.4
Jaw Serration - Imperial 1/16" x 90° 1/16" x 90° 1/16" x 90°
Jaw Serration- Metric S11 S12 S12
Max. Actuating Force Fmax. [daN] 3600 5000 5500
Max. Clamping Force Fsp max. [daN] 7000 12000 13000
Max Speed RPM [minu02c9¹] 4700 4500 4000
Weight (with jaws) [Kg] 21 32 44
Part No. - Imperial D170783000 D170784000 D170785000
Part No. - Metric D170788000 D170789000 D17079000
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