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LP160 and LP210mm Low-Profile Rotary Tables

LP 160 and LP 210 mm Low-Profile Rotary Tables
Sleek, fast and accurate. Engineered to support heavy loads and high-force cutting applications while maintaining accuracy over a long life. Fast clamp and release in milliseconds gives you increased parts-per-hour. Forkardt rotary tables have collet-ready spindles for increased part gripping options.

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Technical Data
Runout Max (TIR) 0.0002" (.005) 0.0002" (.005)
Maximum RPM Rapid Min-1 40 40
Load Support max part weight Dual Bearing 100 lb/45 kg Dual Bearing 220 lb/100kg
Spindle Type A2-4 nose / 5C collet A2-5 nose / 16C collet
Accuracy ±20 arc-sec ±15 arc-sec
Repeatability ±5 arc-sec ±5 arc-sec
Clamping Torque 2 (pneumatic) 150 ft-lb / 203 Nm 275 ft-lb / 373 Nm
Torque at Spindle 73 ft-lb / 99 Nm 90 ft-lb / 122 Nm
Rotary Table 120 lb / 57 kg 200 lb / 90.7 kg
All information is subject to change without notice
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