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FGB Base Jaws

Forkardt FGB Base Jaws

Hardened base jaws to be utilized with hardened or soft top jaws for clamping finished machined work pieces. Highest precision for finish-machining and precision work can be achieved by turning the jaws in the chuck under clamping pressure to the desired chucking diameter.

FGB base jaws are manufactured to European standard specifications and so can be utilized with top jaws from any jaw manufacturer who supplies jaws with the matching dimensions.

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Technical Data
Type/Size FGB 160 FGB 200 FGB 250 FGB 315 FGB 400
Length [mm] 74 90 110 125 160
Width [mm] 20 22 26 32 45
Height [mm] 27 32 37 43 51
Weight [kg] 0.22 0.59 0.95 2.1
Part No. D180567000 D180577000 D180588000 D180596000 D180606000
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