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BLN 2-Jaw Power Chuck

BLN 2 Jaw Power

The Forkardt BLN 2-jaw wedge hook power chucks are especially designed to provide the ability to machine irregular shaped components with work piece specific jaws. The BLN 2-jaw power chuck can grip over projections when machining fittings or similar parts, and features the long jaw stroke necessary for machining ball shaped parts that must be enveloped by the jaws.

The BLN 2-jaw power chuck is designed to last. The jaw slides and all moving internal parts are made from hardened high alloy steel. The base jaws of the BLN 2-jaw chuck are serrated, allowing the top jaws to be easily adjusted or changed. The base jaws have lubrication ports and the chuck body is recessed to reduce weight.

Top jaws are generally machined to match the workpiece. Two jaw chucks without rapid traverse for internal and external chucking are available on request.

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Technical Data
Type / Size 2 BLN 125 2 BLN 160 2 BLN 200 2 BLN 250 2 BLN 315
O.D. Diameter [mm] 125 160 200 250 315
Height [mm] 70 81 100 102 102
Jaw Stroke [mm] 8.5 11 14 14.4 14.4
Chuck Mounting [mm] 92 104.8 133.4 171.4 171.4
Max. Actuating Force Fmax. [daN] 1300 1600 4200 4500 4500
Max. Clamping Force Fsp max. [daN] 2000 2600 6200 6600 6600
Max. Speedl rpm-1 3500 3000 3000 2500 2200
Weight (with jaws) [Kg] 5 9 17 25 36.5
Part No. D154890000 D154891000 D154892000 D154893000 D154894000
All information is subject to change without notice
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