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FWB Soft Top Jaws

Forkardt FWB Soft Top Jaws

Soft top jaws type FWB are used for the accurate clamping of already machined work pieces, on which clamping surfaces should not be damaged. These jaws are turned under clamping pressure by the user to the respective clamping diameter, ensuring extremely high accuracy and repeatability.

The Forkardt FWB soft top clamping jaws are manufactured to European industry standards and are compatible with any chuck with base jaws matching these dimensions.

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Technical Data
Type/Size FWB 160 FWB 200 FWB 250 FWB 315 FWB 400
Length [mm] 85 105 125 145 180
Width [mm] 20 25 30 50 50
Height [mm] 35,5 40 55 54 80
Weight [kg] 0.4 0.66 1.34 2.04 4.16
Part No. D1070016525 D1070021525 D1070026425 D1070033425 D1070038425
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