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Direct Drive Rotaries – DD125

Forkardt Direct Drive Rotaries DD 125

The Forkardt DD125 Direct Drive rotary features an integral motorized spindle, which eliminates the traditional gear drive of competitors’ rotary indexers. This allows it to achieve exceptional positional accuracy and ZERO Backlash for your most precise machining needs. The motor spindle is also capable of 2000 RPM which allows you to process parts through the mill and turn operations in one fixturing. The spindle features a 5C collet ready taper, and also an A2-4 spindle taper for mounting faceplates, sliding jaw chucks or interfacing with a trunnion table.

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Technical Data
Clamping Torque (ft-lb/Nm) 175/235 *
Runout Max. (TIR) 0.0002” Backlash (arc-sec) 0.0002”
Backlash (arc-sec) 0
Maximum RPM 1,000 (Optional 2,000)
Spindle Nose A2-4 nose / 5C collet
Accuracy (arc-sec) +/- 4
Repeatability (arc-sec) +/- 2
Maximum Torque (ft-lb/Nm) 25.5/35
Continuous Air-Cooled Torque (ft-lb/Nm) 8.4/11.4
Rotary Table (lb/kg) 162/73.5
All information is subject to change without notice
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