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KS King Size 3-Jaw Power Chuck

KS - King Size 3-Jaw Power Chuck
The Forkardt KS series of large diameter 3 -jaw power chucks is the most universally adaptable of the Forkardt product range. The patented wedge hook mechanism leads to enormous clamping forces and enables the chuck to be utilized in the most demanding of cutting applications while still maintaining a consistently high repeatability.

The Forkardt King Size chucks are designed to be extremely versatile Chuck designs can be tailored to match a specific application.

The KS series of large diameter 3-jaw power chucks are available in sizes ranging from 800 mm (32″) to 2000 mm (80″).

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Technical Data
Type/Size 3 KS 800 3 KS 1000 3 KS 1250 3 KS 1400
O.D. Diameter [mm] 800 1000 1250 1400
Height [mm] 160 160 160 160
Jaw Stroke [mm] 13 13 13 13
Chuck Mounting [mm] K15/285.5 K15/285.5 K15/285.5 K15/285.5
Max Actuating Force Fmax. [daN] 12000 12000 12000 12000
Max Clamping Force Fsp max. [daN] 27500 28000 28500 31000
Max Speed RPM [minu02c9¹] 750 600 500 400
Weight [Kg] 475 700 950 1250
Part No. D47447000 D42936000 D42934000 D42933000
All information is subject to change without notice
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